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Automatic Welding machines to avoid overlap: Proven On All Roofs

You can easily weld flat roofs and waterproof membranes made of thermoplastics (PVC, TPO) and bitumen. Leister has various automatic welding machines for different needs when welding roofing membranes: The VARIMAT is especially suitable for welding large roofs, flat roofs on industrial buildings and factories. The UNIROOF is suitable for medium-sized roofs.

When it comes to welding smaller, flat, or pitched roofs, welding work on the parapet, welding close to the edge, and welding connections and skylight domes, the UNIDRIVE is the optimum Leister roofing machine. This is because its drive, which can be changed from left to right, makes it particularly versatile and ideal for working in confined spaces. For precise detail work, the Leister heat guns supplement the tool assortment of all roofers, and the wide range of accessories, e.g. different nozzles for different applications, pressure rollers, and so on. The light, handy, and ergonomically shaped heat guns are reliable helpers when roofing. All over the world, roofers invest in heat guns and automatic welders from Leister because of the tool quality, reliability, robustness, and durability.

Flat roofs must be welded watertight to ensure long durability and to prevent water damage to the interior. Leister automatic welders and heat guns are the first choice to weld roofs.

Leister automatic welders and heat guns are the first choice when roofs require welding. Roofer’s dream of a welding machine that keeps setbacks to a minimum on the job site. There is nothing more frustrating than a machine that fails during welding. Failures mean additional work and costs for roofers. They must be able to rely on their welding tools. Even when using a generator, the welding machines must function reliably.

Leister offers roofers the right solution with a complete range of automatic welders and heat guns to weld roofing membranes on flat roofs.

Flat roof, overlap welding

Leister offers economical and ergonomic hot-air welders for overlap welds on thermoplastic roofing membranes. The tested and proven VARIMAT V2 automatic welder enables safe and fast welding, thanks to its patented, spherical roller, nozzle with high preheating capability and powerful hot air blower.

Varimat V2

Tight and secure welds on flat roofs are produced quickly and safely, thanks to welding parameters that can be monitored and modified. (Even with exposure to unfavourable weather conditions.) The easy-to-handle UNIROOF AT/ST has proven itself in areas that are difficult to access, in close proximity to walls, smaller roofs, and for narrow radii. The new, small, semi-automatic welder, UNIDRIVE 500, is suitable for edges and gutters. Prior to welding the base seam itself, the weld quality can be checked using the EXAMO tensiometer and accessories. Leister offers tested and proven heat guns for all work that requires extreme precision, including the TRIAC ST/AT, which is valued by users for its robustness and reliability.

We offer the following Automatic Welding Machines:

UNIROOF ST: UNIROOF ST – Leister India, UNIROOF AT – Leister India

VARIMAT V2: Leister Varimat V2 Automatic Welder – Leister India

UNIDRIVE 500: UNIDRIVE 500 – Leister India


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