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Assess & pay property tax online from next month: PMC

Patna Municipal Corporation (PMC) has decided to launch ‘identification, assessment, payment and property ID generation (IAPP)’ facility for property owners.

Patna Municipal Corporation (PMC) has decided to launch ‘identification, assessment, payment and property ID generation (IAPP)’ facility for property owners.The online facility will help people generate property identification number and make online tax payments.

The app is likely to be launched in March this year, a PMC official said. Municipal commissioner   Animesh Kumar Parashar said the corporation was running a special campaign for payment of property tax. “For those who have their own house but do not have a property identification (PID) number, the corporation is coming up with IAPP concept,” he added.

PID number is a unique number allotted to every property, including land, house, or any building. One cannot pay property tax without having this number.

“Identification, assessment, payment and PID generation can now be done on one platform. Many properties in the municipal area are still unidentified and unassessed. As a result, people are unable to pay property tax. The IAPP facility will be available in the information technology (IT) section on the PMC website. Using this facility, people can identify and assess their property sitting at home. They can also make online tax payments. PID number will be generated after the payment of tax,” Parashar said.

“If any new building is built, the PMC should be informed within 30 days so that the PID number can be generated,” he added.


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