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Archikubik uses aluminium chains from Kriskadecor for façade cladding

Building facades form a large part of our first impression and are often taken at face value. For the visitors & occupants, they can offer much more than visual appeal.Materials such as perforated metal or expanded metal can provide enough open area to reduce the requirement for artificial mechanical ventilation. When utilised in projects it can help to significantly reduce dust & other airborne particles.Façades don’t always have to be opaque. Whereas in the past the only options were heavy and raw–such as stone and brick–in recent years façades have adopted an increasingly lighter appearance, with innovative materials becoming the protagonists. These give the building a different look, delicate and transparent, while still maintaining privacy and thermal comfort.. There have been recent innovations surrounding facades. Now there is a report of Aluminium Chains for Façade Cladding.

Archikubik Project- 11-storey building with aluminium facade 

The project, created by Archikubik, is an 11-story building located in the midst of the brand-new Port-Marianne neighbourhood, close to the city’s historic area and university. The main attraction of this project is its façade, whose external skin consists of aluminium. The façade, which is made of a double-skinned envelope system that generates a translucent veil, commands attention by imitating subtle light changes.

The primary source of inspiration for the aluminium-based external skin is sea anemones, which form symbiotic relationships with other organisms with which they live nearby and mutually beneficial relationships. The aluminium-based external skin comes in brilliant silver, satin silver, pearl gentian, and pearl purple.

Aluminium Chains for Façade Cladding: Protection and Lightness

Previously, the only possibilities were bulky and unpolished, like stone and brick, but in more recent years, façades have taken on a lighter aspect, with novel materials taking the stage. While still preserving privacy and thermal comfort, they offer the structure a new appearance that is delicate and translucent.

Due to the lightness of the aluminium chain links used in the system developed by Kriskadecor, vast areas may be covered in a safe and long-lasting framework, with countless creative options, such as pattern copies, logos, and even high-resolution photos, thanks to the materials.

Aluminium chain links increase the thermal climate within the building, minimising heat transfer from direct sunshine and enabling airflow in addition to enhancing the façade’s appearance. Its sturdy outward appearance offers solitude. Inside, complete visibility is made possible by the connections’ transparency, creating striking shadows that enhance and compliment the building’s interior.


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