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Ansal Esencia’s RWA files police complaints against Ansal API and top management

More than hundreds of aggrieved homebuyers of ‘Ansal Esencia’ housing project in Gurugram on Sunday filed a police complaint against the realty firm Ansal API, alleging diversion of funds and not fulfilling commitments made to property owners.

Dharmender Tanwar, President Esencia RWA, Ansal Esencia Sec-67, has filed a police complaint at  Sec-65, police station in Gurugram to initiate criminal proceedings for cheating and misappropriation of funds against the promoters/directors, top management and officers/ employees of Ansal API.

The RWA has alleged that Ansal API, along with the management team, has diverted the funds of this project and misappropriating home buyers money towards the furtherance of their business elsewhere.

“We have not received what we were promised and as of the date. The property is in shambles,” Tanwar said.

Ansal API Esencia is spread over 140 acres. The total units in this project, which was launched in 2011, are 1,043. The possession of this project started in 2014.

There are more than 2,000 families living in the society currently. Moreover, more than 500 families waiting to move into their new homes but they are not able to do so due to the lack of basic infrastructure in the society.

There are many home buyers who have been waiting to get the conveyance deeds of their purchased properties but have not been able to do so even after paying the full amount of the property to the developer.

The RWA said that residents are also suffering due to lack of infrastructure. Due to a lack of a 33-kW substation, there are no new electricity connections being approved in the society for any new plot, floor, flat purchased in the society for the last one year.

There is a lack of proper STP, water Tank, drainage, and sewer system in the society causing blockage and overflowing on the roads especially during rainy season every year.

Residents are also facing trouble in reaching to the main gate of the society from their homes.

There is absolutely no maintenance of green areas and general infrastructure even though the builder claims a hefty amount of maintenance every month from all residents.


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