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Anji Khad Bridge: All 96 cables installed in record time!

All 96 cables on India’s first cable-stayed bridge fully installed in record time

Indian Railways has achieved another milestone despite difficult geographic conditions in the state of Jammu and Kashmir (J&K). All 96 cables on the first cable-stayed bridge of India, the Anji Khad bridge, have been fully installed in a record time of 11 months. The engineering marvel will connect Katra and Reasi in this northern state of the country.

It is constructed over the Anji river, a tributary of the Chenab river between Katra and Reasi. The total length of the structure is 473.25 metres and its height (from the river bed to the formation) is 196 metres.

Earlier, an arch bridge design was proposed for the Anji Khad bridge, similar to the Chenab Bridge arch design. However, it was rejected and a new cable-stayed design was approved. A panel led by an ex-railway board chairman has suggested that the site is not suitable for an arch bridge (concerns over the geological stability of the region).

At Anji Khad, Indian Railways, in October 2016, decided to build a cable-stayed bridge. The bridge will connect tunnel T2 (on the Katra side) and tunnel T3 (on the Reasi side). Reportedly, the cost of the project is around Rs 450 crore.


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