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Achieving high quality concreting with Rann Infra Concrete

The high preference for ready-mix concrete is notably driving the ready-mix concrete market growth in India. The use of ready-mix concrete has been increasing due to new residential projects and infrastructural development. Ready-mix concrete has emerged to become the preferred form of concrete in the construction market. The key advantages of Ready Mix Concrete (RMC) are good quality, lower Life cycle cost, and the speed of work but when the quality of RMC is of poor quality it can greatly affect the final project. Therefore, it’s important to list your exact requirements and find the right mix, based on the project that you are working on. Quality control is one of the most important factors that must be taken into consideration when outlining your project. Every project has specific Ready-mix concrete or RMC requirements. The key project details, along with the time of requirement, quality, quantity, location, and work type must be conveyed to the RMC supplier.

The ideal supplier must have the experience and adequate knowledge about the ideal composition and compressive strength required for your construction project. One very important criterion is that he must possess the procurement of the right RMC raw materials being used, which must be of top quality. He must have his own batching and mixing facilities, testing labs, and transportation infrastructure to help procure the right quality RMC. is providing all of these.

Rann Infra Concrete Pvt. Ltd. is the OEM Manufacturer of the Readymix Concrete Batching Plant. They are manufacturing SCC, SBC and normal concrete. The company’s ready-mix concrete plant is located in Bagalur, Bangalore under Rann Infra Concrete. The company’s plant has been designed with a transportable dimension to make it more convenient while shifting between project sites. 

The company maintains quality control by evaluating the quality of all factors related to production. It comprises those procedures, resources, materials and activities that affect your product and service quality as well as deliver superior quality of concrete. 

Quality control of Ready Mix Concrete

The company’s quality control teamwork is to keep check on the raw material and production is under controlled conditions using consistent quality raw material. The company maintain quality control through; 

  • An accurate dosing system for every component which is a computerised integrated control system
  • Control of purchased material quality
  • Control of Materials storage
  • Mix design and mix design modification
  • The production of concrete is systematically controlled
  • Each load of mixed concrete is inspected before dispatch and before discharge
  • The workability of the concrete is monitored continuously during production and any corrective action necessary taken
  • Concrete mixes are sampled and tested for workability and where appropriate, plastic density, temperature and air content
  • Maintaining the water-cement ratio constant at its correct value
  • Any change in water content due to a change in aggregate grading is taken care
  • Checking the concrete temperature is also equally important to ensure nothing is going wrong

The company’s plant has been designed with a transportable dimension to make it more convenient while shifting between project sites. It consists of portable shaft mixers designed to be moveable and thus is installed on a towable chassis. They can be easily installed and dismantled and, as such, require very minimal preparation or setup before use.

Rann Infra Concrete Pvt. Ltd. Readymix Concrete Batching Plant is capable of discharging concrete at high elevations and over long distances

Ready Mix Concrete Quality Testing

Rann Infra Concrete Pvt. Ltd. undertakes several quality tests to ensure the best quality concrete is produced. The test undertaken by the company are;

  • Cement testing
  • Moisture content testing
  • Elongation Index of aggregates testing
  • Fineness of Fly ash testing
  • Compressive strength testing 
  • Particle density testing
  • Sieve Analysis 
  • Bulk Density testing
  • Silt content testing

The company aims to manufacture and supply quality Ready Mix Concrete (RMC) for construction companies, real estate developers, infrastructure companies, Industrial Projects, Commercial Projects and individual owners. The company’s batching plant enables contractors to enhance the production of ready-mixed concrete with fully automatic control units and can produce 1.25 cubic metre of concrete per hour.

Rann Infra RMC batching plant helps speed in the construction practices followed in ready mix concrete plant is followed continuously by having mechanized operations. They can achieve greater quality with low maintenance costs

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