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6 Effective Ways to Reduce Noise Pollution On Construction Sites

Modern society is making big steps in the environmentally-friendly direction. This fresh outlook on the world around us helped us redefine the terms related to global issues, all while helping us find new solutions to old problems. The term pollution is certainly one of the pain points that are getting a broader understanding.

What was earlier seen solely as the industrial outputs’ effect on resources like breathable air now extends to light or noise. Yes, the noise can be harmful to the environment and its inhabitants just as pollutants, carbon footprint, and excessive waste. Companies that want to have a fair market chance need to find a way to mitigate this problem.

Let us take a look then at what construction companies, who are amongst the most susceptible to such problems can do to solve them.

Limit the exposure with efficient management

Construction projects inherently produce a certain amount of noise pollution. As we will see in the examples below, this level of noise can be drastically reduced, but not completely eliminated. One of the most efficient ways to trim down the construction project’s noise output is to trim down the project itself. 

This can be easily achieved through careful planning, efficient project management, and effective goal setting. Pay special attention to human resources, and scheduling since human on-site workers are the most exposed to the effects of loud noise.

Build noise elimination methods into the design phase

In other words, making your construction sites less loud will be much easier if your building projects are made with this broader purpose in mind. The opportunities for implementing this idea come in countless forms and cover solutions ranging from the selection of alternative building materials to the usage of noise-reduction tools like noise barriers. 

So, instead of using metal wheels and similar metal pieces, your workers can opt for rubber alternatives. Hydraulically powered equipment can be easily replaced with hydraulic pieces. You just need to make these things a part of the project early on.

Think about the noise in broader terms

Most people like to think of construction site noise in terms of loud sounds. These sounds, as unpleasant as they are, are not the only way the building process affects the environment. Other harmful effects can be found in vibrations that are as harmful to nearby construction as their human inhabitants. 

That is why your company should use the services of brands like IVC Technologies that specialize in building site vibration monitoring. Even more so keeping in mind that local legislations are paying more and more attention to these issues making compliance no longer an option but rather a requirement.

Use the strategic enclosures and mufflers

In one of the previous sections, we’ve already mentioned that your construction sites can be enclosed with noise reduction tools like noise barriers. However, these useful resources are far from the only way you can prevent harmful noise from spreading to the construction site environment. 

Other tools at your disposal come into acoustic enclosures that can be applied even to most specific tools like pumps, saws, sanders, and grinders. Also, consider using products like exhaust mufflers or even sound-absorbing materials like mineral wool. All these things combined produce great cumulative results.

Buy new and optimize the current equipment

The up-to-date and well-maintained equipment not only reduces the noise output but also sets the foundations for higher safety of your employees. So, for a start, be sure to establish consistent and clear inspection and maintenance routines that will ensure that all the equipment pieces are well-lubricated and tightened. 

Any signs of wear and tear should be immediately addressed by replacing the parts. If the machine is too worn to produce satisfying output it should be replaced with the newer models. Making these routines a part of your annual budget should make them a lot easier.

Construction hardhat helmet worker. AI generated Image by rawpixel.

Put the workers in the focus of your efforts

As we mentioned earlier, your workers are the most exposed to the harmful effects of the building site noise pollution. The effects they may experience due to constant exposure to such conditions range from stress, anxiety, and depression to more physical ailments like high blood pressure, heart disease, cardiovascular problems, and hearing loss impairment. 

So, do everything in your power to make sure all construction site workers have access to basic equipment like ear muffs, ear plugs, and canal plugs. The efforts you invest into the well-being of your on-site workers will be paid off tenfold.

We hope these couple of examples gave you a better idea about the strategies and resources you can use to make sure your workers and the environment around the construction sites are protected from the harmful effects of building noise. 

And rest assured, even though we haven’t paid too much attention to this issue in previous decades, noise pollution is a force to be reckoned with. So, stay vigil and be sure to cut all the noise-related problems at their root.

Authored By Mike Johnston

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