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2 lakh km NH to be built by 2037

India plans to fast-track the building of national highways, including high-speed access-controlled highways, to create a world-class road network by 2037. The goal is to increase the length of national highways to over 200,000 km and reduce road accidents by 95% over the next 25 years.

India will fast-track building of national highways(NH) including high-speed access-controlled highways to create a world-class road network by 2037 to enhance efficiency and reduce logistic costs as it seeks to become a developed nation by 2047, a senior government official said.

The plan is to increase the national highways length to over 200,000 kilometres from 146,000 km now with over 10-fold jump in access-controlled highways to 50,000 km from 4,000 km over the next 13 years and reduce road accidents by 95% over the next 25 years, the official told.”

Under Vision 2047, the plan is to finish construction of requisite national highways by 2037 as good road infrastructure will play a crucial role and will have a multiplier effect in the following 10 years and will help India achieve the vision of a Viksit Bharat by 2047,” said the official who requested not to be identified.

The idea is to enhance logistics efficiency in the country to global standards through more access-controlled highways and high-speed corridors and the road transport and highways ministry is awaiting cabinet approval to kick-start work on new projects, in line with the Vision 2047, the official said.


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