Waterproofing solutions for roof coat

Waterproof roof coating

Waterproofing solutions for roof coat is one of the most critical, yet neglected subjects. The system protects the structure from water ingress. The practice of the system dates back to ages and is seeking more attention than ever in recent times. Simultaneously,  Waterproofing chemicals market is also upsurging owing to rising urbanization, coupled with various infrastructural developments. These chemicals can be categorized into different product segments including concrete admixtures, construction adhesives, construction sealants, protective coatings, and waterproofing chemicals.

The selection of the correct Waterproofing chemicals has become pivotal nowadays owing to the frigidity in environmental conditions. Going with an expert is always preferable the one who knows the minute details of its properties and application, one such group of an expert is Perma Construction. The company is accredited as an ISO 9001:2008 certified company.

The company offers a wide range of Construction Chemicals products all around the market. Their range includes Waterproofing Coating, Tile Adhesive & Grout, construction chemicals, protective Coatings for Concrete, Concrete and Plaster Bonding Agents and Admixtures for Concrete. These are available in various specifications and can be customized as per the requirements of the clients.

Among the company’s varied range of product, the one analysed here is Perma Eazee Waterproof.

Product in focus; Perma Eazee Waterproof.

It is a milky white liquid which can be brush applied to most structural surfaces to make them waterproof. The coating is UV Stable and highly flexible.

It is used for waterproofing all types of RCC surfaces such as roofs, chajjas, parapet walls and external walls. It can also be used as a damp proof course allied under the first layer of bricks or blocks in masonry work. The product has a shelf life of around 24 months, conditions applied.

Given above are some advantages of the product.