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Any business which invests in research and development cannot afford to ignore the power that patents have in protecting that investment. Strategic patenting ensures that the benefits of research and development can be wrapped up, retained and protected to give you a competitive edge in the marketplace. Intellectual property assets such as patents are the core of many organizations and transactions related to technology. Licenses and assignments of intellectual property rights are common operations in the technology markets,

Patents providing a highly specialized improvement to existing technology or that support a niche product. On the other hand, patents that contribute to products with a wide market appeal or that represent a considerable improvement to an existing product in an established market may be likely to generate significant economic returns. Thus, the commercial value of a patent may be, in part, a function of the size and nature of the market for the product to which the patent pertains. There have been some current and emerging issues surrounding the patent system. The number of patent applications has soared over the years; this has helped support the development of technological inventions and advancements in computerized instruments.

Patents are one of the most important elements in intellectual property rights and their development, coinciding with a phase of economic development in which know-how was increasingly valued.

In regard to the value and importance of patent technology, it has come to our notice that our patented Laser Screed® Technology is being used by others. A patent provides a right to an inventor(s) to exclude others from exploiting the patented invention. Therefore, other than the inventor cannot use, make or sell the patented invention without permission from the inventor. This is often referred to as the exclusive right of the invention.

Somero Enterprises retains the registered trademark of Laser Screed® technology. We are passionate about being the premier manufacturer of placing and leveling equipment in our industry and proud to be the only company that can use the words Laser Screed® when describing our machines.

Use of the Laser Screed® mark without the express permission of Somero is a violation of intellectual property rights.

About Somero India

Somero pioneered the Laser Screed® machine market in 1986 and has since led through continued innovation by growing our product offering from a single product in 1986 to a broad portfolio of 13 products and by developing proprietary designs that are protected by a portfolio of 63 patents and patent applications. Somero offers customers equipment with unsurpassed quality and performance and unparalleled global service, technical support, training and education. Somero operates in markets across the globe with minimal direct competition.

Somero India offers customers equipment with unsurpassed quality and performance combined with unparalleled global service, technical support, training and education. We offer a wide portfolio of products that cover concrete slab placements in all types of construction projects. In addition, to equipment and software products, Somero also sells parts, accessories and provides service and training to customers to keep their machines up and running and operating optimally.

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