Strict curbs imposed on building construction

The order issued by district collector A R Ajayakumar in his capacity as chairman of DDMA states that the height of buildings in landslide prone areas shall be limited to 8metre and two floor levels.


KOZHIKODE: Strict restrictions have been imposed on construction of large buildings and banning the quarrying, mining and mechanical excavation of soil in landslide prone areas in the district of Wayanad by the district disaster management authority (DDMA). Wayanad has experienced recurring natural disasters in the past few years

The order issued by district collector A R Ajayakumar in his capacity as chairman of DDMA states that the height of buildings in landslide prone areas shall be limited to 8 metre and two floor levels. The total built up area of such buildings shall not exceed 200 metre. 

The order directs the secretaries of grama panchayaths to ensure that the permission will be issued only for four category of buildings — residential buildings, education and community buildings, hospitals and small industrial buildings — in landslide-prone areas.

Henceforth, no construction of other types of buildings with commercial intent, including resorts and tourist villas, will be permitted in such areas.

All the areas coming under 500 metre radial distance from the boundary points of the areas included in the landslide zonation map for Wayanad will be considered as landslide prone areas.

The order said that the district is now paying the price for mindless development carried out in recent decades by destroying hills, forests, water bodies and wetlands. Rain triggered landslides are likely to increase in coming years due to climate change happening across the globe and hence it is absolutely essential to bring certain restrictions on the land use pattern in the landslide prone areas in the district.

Also, the collector has ordered that no quarrying and mining activities shall be permitted at any landslide prone areas. If any quarrying is taking place in such areas, the tahsildars have been asked to get them closed after issuing notice within two weeks and a final decision will be taken after hearing them within one month.

The district geologist and grama panchayat secretaries have been directed to ensure that no mechanised excavation of ordinary earth shall be permitted at landslide prone areas except for laying foundation of the building or construction of wells or for sanitation and drinking water purposes shall be permitted in landslide prone areas.

All existing buildings, except residential buildings, with more than 200 square metre area which are situated in landslide prone area and buildings which have more than five floors and situated either in flood prone or landslide prone area will be scrutinised by an expert committee.

The collector has also issued orders to close down resorts and lodging houses which have not been registered with the panchayat or municipality. The licenses of existing registered properties will be renewed after ensuring that they are complying with the safety provisions of the relevant acts.

Source: ET Realty