Repair and Rehabilitation of structures


Detection of most of the damage happens during the renovation phase or when the leakages and spalling of concrete becomes unbearable. However, most of these issues can be resolved by perfect analysis followed by repair and rehabilitation. During repair and rehabilitation, special attention needs to be paid to areas of foundation, basement, bathrooms, balconies, and roof, all of which are highly prone to water damage and also to distress symptoms endangering structural stability.

Before finalizing any scheme for repairs and rehabilitation of a distressed concrete structure, the concerned expert has to be fully aware of the causes of distress, the extent of damage to the structure and the present condition of the concrete in the structure. The extent of distress has to be categorized so that the repair schemes can be formulated according to the distress in a particular structural element. Pre-repair evaluation and assessment of a structure is a prerequisite for working out effective repair schemes. Once the repairs have been carried out on a distressed structure, the post-repair evaluation and assessment of the structure can be carried out for checking the efficacy of the repair. Such “Task” of evaluation, assessment and execution of Repair works has certainly to be entrusted to an ‘Expert and Specialist’ in the Field for the Repairs to be effective and lasting. One such group of an expert is STANDARD REHABILITATORS PRIVATE LIMITED.

Special Repairs, Rehabilitation and Protective coatings service

M/s.Standard Rehabilitators Private Limited (SRPL) is an ISO 9001 – 2015 certified Company. SRPL is a well-known expert, highly reputed and professionally managed organization, a specialist in undertaking the works of Special Repairs, Rehabilitation and Protective coatings of High Rise Industrial RCC structures, such as Natural Draft Cooling Towers, Chimneys, Silos, Prill Towers, Buildings and steel structures too. SRPL has established an excellent track record in all its endeavours in strengthening / restoring the existing industrial structures. SRPL is also extending consultancy services for finding out intellectual solutions to repairs and rehabilitations of RCC structures by conducting suitable NON DESTRUCTIVE TESTS using state of art latest Non Destructive Testing equipments.

SRPL is also providing detailed reports and drawings with all analytical alternatives along with implementation procedures. SRPL has sufficient modern/ hi-tech equipments such as Moving Platforms (Gondolas), Power Winches, Air Compressors, Shot Blasting Tanks, Guniting equipment, Epoxy Grouting, Cement Grouting, PU Grouting, Airless spray equipments, Plural component equipment to apply heavy thickness polyurethane and polyurea coatings and other Machineries, tools & tackles to undertake many projects simultaneously.

The company is executing the following varieties of Repair and Rehabilitation works

  • Guniting
  • Shotcreting
  • Epoxy Grouting
  • Corrosion Control
  • Epoxy Treatment
  • Fibre Wrapping
  • Micro Concreting
  • Floor Coatings
  • Epoxy modified mortar
  • Sealing of Joints / Cracks
  • Chemical resistant lining for floors
  • Underwater setting Pu grouting
  • Polymer modified concrete / mortar
  • Structural bonding of old to new concrete
  • Polymer modified cementitious grouting
  • Epoxy Latex Repair, Bonding & Coating system
  • Low viscosity high molecular weight monomer grouting and impregnation
  • Three component epoxy patching mortar
  • Anti – corrosive epoxy – phenolic repair system
  • Structural waterproofing
  •  Arresting of seepages & Leakages
  • Surface preparations of Concrete and Steel structure
  • Protective & Anti-corrosive coatings to RCC / Steel Structures

They have done several projects ranging from chimneys to cooling towers and much more upto a height of 300M. Given above in the infographic are a few of the projects of repair and rehabilitation of Chimneys they have done.

To know more about SRPL please click on or contact Mr.K.SELVAMANI, Managing Director on 9443226836/ Mr.S.VIGNESH, Director/Tech on 9080808880.