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repair and rehabilitation

RC structures are always externally exposed to the natural environment like the rain, beating hot sun and wind. These natural elements cause the structure to be weathered over a certain period. Maintaining the structure prevents the building from deteriorating easily and makes it durable in the long run Proper maintenance includes regular inspection of buildings which helps to identify the deteriorated elements so that they can be timely fixed on time. Consequently, the need for repair and rehabilitation has grown considerably in recent years.

The success of repair and rehabilitation activity depends on the identification of the root cause of the deterioration of the concrete structures. It is the process of restoring the structure to service level, once it had and now lost, strengthening consists in endowing the structure with a service level, higher than that initially planned by modifying the structure. Specialization and a deep understanding are needed in Repair and Rehabilitation works. One such group of specialization is Hitech Civil Engineering Services (M) Pvt. Ltd. which is a contracting division. Hitech Civil Engineering Services (M) Pvt. Ltd was established in the year 1994. It is a company division of the Hitech Group, which specializes in the area of undertaking contracts in the area of Repair and Rehabilitation of RC Structures.

The Founder Director of this division is Dr. S. Jeyachandran. He has more than 30 years of experience in construction chemicals and has headed the Indian Operation of Fosroc Chemicals for more than 2 decades. He is the adviser for this division and presently it is headed by Dr. V. Rajendran.

Hitech Civil Engineering Services (M) Pvt. Ltd has expanded its wings of services to more and more complicated works like Underwater repairs /Soil strengthening, Marine works, waterproofing in the basement, tunnels, roofs, Industrial Flooring, Pressure Grouting, Expansion joint treatment, Repair and Restoration of multistory buildings with Carbon / Glass fibre wrapping both in India & abroad. The structures rehabilitated include multistoried buildings, airport structures, Jetties, Wharves, Mooring dolphins and bridge structures.

The services of the company includes: (1) Cathodic – Protection (2) Micro Concrete Jacketing (3) Basement Waterproofing (4) Desalination Plant (5) Protective Coatings (6) Corrosion Mitigation of RC Structure (6) Waterproofing (7) Repair and Retrofitting (8) Specialised Flooring (9) Pressure Grouting (10) Structural Design for Repair & Rehabilitation (11) Marine Work (12) Expansion Joint Treatment (13) Soil Grouting.