Patented and Trademarked Somero Laser Screed® machine

Laser Screed

Laser Screeding machine® helps assure that concrete floor contractors achieve greater accuracy on every job. This increases customer satisfaction and can lead to further profitability. Laser screed equipment can easily move around Jobsite obstacles and eliminate most frameworks. This means that more floors or paving can be placed each day, helping you meet schedule deadlines or even surpass them. Somero India is one of the manufacturers of these machines. Trademark Somero Laser Screed® machines provide cost-effective solutions for your industrial flooring needs.

One of the greatest benefits of Somero India laser screeds® is that they can achieve laser-precise flatness and levelness every single time. Floors are typically flatter, stronger, and more level than those produced by conventional methods. Laser screeds® allows you to get more work done with fewer workers because the equipment is doing the majority of the strenuous work. This helps increase efficiency on the jobsite as larger daily placements can be completed with fewer workers.

Somero India offers a wide portfolio of products that cover concrete slab placements in all types of construction projects. In addition, to equipment and software products. The company also sells parts, accessories and provides service and training to customers to keep their machines up and running and operating optimally. All of these benefits allow you to increase productivity, efficiency, and quality of every job. Using this equipment can also lead to a reduction in labor costs since the technology allows for faster placement and reduced manual labor. Ultimately, laser screeds can help concrete contractors increase their profits as they can produce better quality work in less time.

Choosing the original trademarked laser screed® machine

Patents are one of the most important elements in intellectual property rights and their development, coinciding with a phase of economic development in which know-how was increasingly valued. Somero Enterprises retains the registered trademark of Laser Screed® technology. We are passionate about being the premier manufacturer of placing and leveling equipment in our industry and proud to be the only company that can use the words Laser Screed® when describing our machines. Strategic patenting ensures that the benefits of research and development can be wrapped up, retained and protected to give you a competitive edge in the marketplace. Intellectual property assets such as patents are the core of many organizations and transactions related to technology.

Somero Enterprises, Inc.’s trademarks, service marks, trade names, and logos are the intellectual property of Somero Enterprises, Inc. (hereinafter “Somero”) and are extremely important and valuable business assets of Somero. Third parties may not use, reproduce, copy or redistribute any of Somero’s trademarks, service marks, trade names, or logos without the express written permission of Somero.

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