Mapei cutting-edge products for sports flooring

Sports flooring

Sports floors perform with unique area-elastic characteristics and this gives athletes the ultimate freedom of movement, protects against injury and ensures that they can achieve their best. Therefore flooring in sporting facilities is quite pivotal. Not all sports surfaces are created equal. Concrete and wood, when installed and maintained poorly, can become slippery and dangerous to the players. Slippery surfaces impede movement and may cause accidents and injuries, such as sprains and fractures. High-quality rubber and seamless polyurethane wear coat floors have a non-slip feature, meaning athletes will be able to perform to the best of their abilities without the fear of falling down and getting hurt. The availability of several types of flooring materials coupled with the provision of customizations for designs, dimensions, and colors has provided end-users with a wide range of options.

It is important for owners to survey their facilities and consider purchasing seamless sports floors. Not only is it a worthy investment but it also helps players reach their peak performance while keeping them safe. One such group of experts providing sports flooring solutions is Mapei. Sports surfaces have gone through a period of evolution thanks to the new technological systems available. From artificial grass to resin, Mapei has a range of cutting-edge products available for consolidating substrates to bonding grass, right up to the application of infill and jointing tape.

What makes the company’s products so special is that not only are they at the forefront for their versatility and technical/performance efficiency, but also for their aesthetic qualities: the resins are there to be seen and walked on. The company’s product line is under constant development, ideal particularly for acrylic resin or removable tennis courts, floors for indoor gymnasiums, cycle lanes and for multi-purpose sports surfaces in general.

Mapei Range of Sports Flooring Products

Mapei has been successful in supplying and application of Sports flooring products in India since 2018.  Internationally, Mapei has been operating in the sports arenas sector since the XXI Olympic Games in Montreal in 1976, where a new athletics track was installed using innovative Mapei adhesives. Since then, Mapei has been dedicating the maximum attention to the world of sport and proof of this commitment is the development of the most comprehensive and articulated range of technical solutions dedicated to the world of sport.

Their sports flooring range includes-

PU Multisport – Solutions for polyurethane resin sports surfaces

PU MULTISPORT COMFORT is a multi-layered two-component polyurethane resin system applied in combination with granular rubber matting and is used to create multipurpose playing surfaces with high resistance to wear. PU MULTISPORT COMFORT may be applied over existing surfaces or on new cementitious or asphalt surfaces that need to be coated.

Ultrabond ECO – Solutions for indoor resilient and wooden surfaces

Ultrabond 960 is a professional grade – high track, high solids wooden flooring adhesive specially designed for the installation of traditional engineered wood floors.  Use for installation of engineered wood plank, acrylic impregnated plank and wooden parquet.

Adesilex G19 – Solutions for outdoor rubber sports surfaces

Two-component, epoxy-polyurethane adhesive for resilient and textile flooring.  Adesilex G19 is extremely strong, tough, elastic, adhesive for general purpose use, particularly suitable for non-absorbent substrates or moisture-sensitive substrates (wood, metal, ceramic, stone, resin, PVC, rubber, etc.). For use on floor in interior and exterior applications. Specifically developed for the installation of rubber athletic tracks. Also, suitable as universal adhesive for rubber, PVC and all common resilient and textile floor covering types, especially in the event of extreme temperatures due to solar radiation, intense mechanical stress by lift truck, forklift, etc. or frequent washing (in particular when the floor coverings are not welded or sealed).

Mapesoil System – Solutions for outdoor rubber sports surfaces

Mapesoil 100 and Mapesoil 50 are hydraulic, fibre-reinforced stabilising agents in powder form which are used to make subbases for synthetic grass playing fields with horizontal drainage by means of a soil-stabilisation process.

The main areas of use for Mapesoil 100 and Mapesoil 50 are- sub-bases for synthetic grass playing surfaces with horizontal drainage (e.g. football pitches, etc.),  consolidating and stabilising sub-bases for existing playing surfaces (e.g. clay tennis courts) and  maintenance work on existing synthetic grass playing fields by cold-recycling existing bitumen conglomerate sub-bases.

Ultrabond Turf – Solutions for artificial turf sports surfaces

Bonding seaming tapes between synthetic grass sheets, both indoors and outdoors (e.g. Ultrabond Turf Tape 100 or Ultrabond Turf Tape 300). Ultrabond Turf 2 Stars is a two-component, solvent and water-free polyurethane adhesive. The two part component consists of component A, a thick paste, and component B, a fluid hardener. The mixing ratio between the two components is 90:10 (9:1). When the two components are mixed together, a uniform coloured paste, easy to apply using a notched trowel and with an excellent ridge holding is obtained. After hardening (24 hours at room temperature), which takes place due to a chemical reaction without shrinkage, Ultrabond Turf 2 Stars becomes a tough film with high adhesion properties to any suitable support material. When used to bond seaming tape, Ultrabond Turf Tape 100 or Ultrabond Turf Tape 300 helps to form a system that complies with FIFA standards.

Mapecoat TNS – Solutions for acrylic resin sports surfaces

Multi-layered flooring system of acrylic resin in water dispersion combined with self-laying fibre-reinforced pvc mat for pro-grade indoor. Mapeoat TNS are used in areas like- Tennis court, Basket courts, Volleyball courts, 5-1-side football pitches, Handball courts, Skating rinks, Cycle tracks, Recreation parks, Urban features and Car parks in shopping centres to differentiate areas for pedestrians use from the areas for car parking.

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