Environmental clearance for real estate reduced


NEW DELHI: Environmental clearance for real estate projects will soon be reduced to 60 days, Union Environment and Forests Minister Prakash Javadekar said on Monday.

Speaking at the 15th national convention of the National Real Estate Development Council (NAREDCO), Javedekar said that his ministry intends to reduce the whole process of environmental clearance to real estate project to 60 days, in a few days from now.

He said environmental clearances used to be stumbling block before 2014. 

Javadekar said that the average time taken to clear projects was 640 days. After he took over, he has made the processes so easy that now it takes only 108 days for a project to get environmental clearance.

The minister emphasized that small procedural delays can be done away with, without compromising on environmental clearances.

Javadekar told the gathering that the priority is both environmental protection and development, only then can our country become a five-trillion-dollar economy. That’s why the suggestions of institutions like NAREDCO are very important.

Javadekar said that his ministry is in the process of issuing standard conditions for every project, such as water recycling and water harvesting as per the size of the real estate project. And these conditions will not be more than 10.

The minister added, according to a statement that the Environment Ministry is bringing about a regime change. It will introduce fewer conditions, but ensure their fullest implementation. If need be, it will amend the law so that one can get the ease of doing responsible business because freedom is never a one-way street.

He said that the Environment Ministry is also in discussion with states to make the environmental process smoother and less time consuming. 

The states must realize that the Centre has delegated environmental protection to them so they must do it with a sense of responsibility, he said.

Source: ET Realty