Different types of Road Repair Machines

Road Repair Machines

For proper road care, routine maintenance is important. The cost of addressing minor deficiencies is much less than addressing major deficiencies. With the rainy season in hand, road repair becomes even more important. Whether your roads are paved or unpaved, regular maintenance is the key to preserving strength and quality. Based on locations in need of repair we need to systematically carry out surface repairs with the right machine. The selection of the right road repair machine is pivotal as some might need basic sealing while some might need major patching.

Given below are different types of road repair machines that could help in your project.

Pothole patcher machines for road repair

Pothole patcher machines make long-lasting repairs using standard asphalt mixes – either hot or cold. They have the unique ability to make repairs to long cracks and joints in the road. The latest product models include self-contained on-board emulsion and aggregate. The digital display guides operators, and pre-set emulsion and aggregate amount speed the process. The unique design allows the machine to transport hot or cold asphalt premix material and road oils at controlled heated temperatures. The machines are fully equipped for complete asphalt patching and can be mounted on any chassis. Each unit is easy to operate, easy to maintain, and designed so that just one person can tackle patching jobs with just one machine. These machines can also be used to repair road shoulders and utility cuts, as well as spread salt, sand and chippings.

Pothole patcher machines on work

Asphalt crack filling machine for road repair

Asphalt filling machines are mainly used for repairing the crack of road, pavement, driveway, parking lot, highway and other asphalt surfaces. In modern machines, there is no need to do any demolition or removal of the asphalt which cuts down on the volume of asphalt repair material required. Modern machines are engineered and designed to melt down rubber cubes of hot pour crack filler and apply it at walking speed. The 10-gallon melter and applicator crack fill machine is a safe and fast way to crack fill. No more transferring molten crack filler from a melting kettle to a pour pot. It comes standard with on-the-fly paddle agitator on the handlebars, which allows you to agitate the crack filler while pushing the machine. The agitator mixes the crack filler in the kettle so it melts faster and prevents blockage in the drain valve inside the kettle. Crack sealing machine comes with oil-jacketed melter applicators for hot rubberized asphalt crack sealing materials.

Asphalt crack filling machine on work site

Cold milling machines for road repair

Cold milling machines range from applications extending from the complete removal of asphalt and concrete to the layer-by-layer removal and leveling of asphalt and concrete surfaces. Modern machines are equipped with a wheeled chassis and a milling drum positioned at the rear. The granulated RAP which is broken up by the rotating milling drum is transferred to a slewing and height-adjustable discharge conveyor and immediately loaded onto waiting transport vehicles. The compact rear loaders are highly maneuverable and their rear right wheel can be swiveled in when milling flush to the edges of obstacles. A variety of different milling drums are available, enabling the small milling machines to cover a wide range of applications extending from partial pavement rehabilitations and tie-in milling to the rehabilitation of industrial floors.

Cold milling machines on work

Asphalt paver machines for road repair

Asphalt paver machines are particularly suitable for paving a wide range of materials from the wearing course right down to the base courses on the most diversified paving contracts. The latest models come with an electronically controlled and independent travel drive on each crawler unit that ensures uniform propulsion, accurate straight-ahead travel, exact cornering and a soft start. This system offers the optimum prerequisites for a smooth and even mat. The large contact area of the crawler tracks together with an optimal machine weight distribution enables a highly effective paving process even on bases with a poor bearing capacity. Modern asphalt o pavers are designed to require very low maintenance. Easy access to all maintenance points saves time. The entire electronics are installed in an easily accessible switch cabinet. Lifetime lubricated crawler tracks with automatic tensioning system and maintenance-free bearings for the screed tamper and vibrator reduce maintenance work.

Asphalt paver machine on work

Cold Recycler machines for road repair

Cold Recycler machines are applied to different structures road base lays including that of bitumen cement, bitumen-soil, cement-stabilizing-macadam, etc. Modern machines come with a highly precise (water) injection system that uses electronic controllers, with digital display, most types of Recyclers have configured with self- priming pumps. Different gears options for working speed, designed for difficult working conditions of roads, gears options for travel speed are also available for different travel demands between job sites and different job working conditions. Milling and mixing rotor drive, operating drive and injection system all use the full hydraulic system, this ensures a higher and more reliable performance of the whole machine.

Cold Recycler machines on work

Mastic Mixer machines for road repair

Mastic Mixer machines use locally source specified stone aggregate and polymer-modified asphalts (sealants) to make a polymer-modified stone matrix patch. Mastic in terms of pavement preservation is used as a patching material made of polymer modified asphalts (sealants) and aggregate. In these machines, there is a standard 150-gallon tank size through which operators will continue to operate with the fastest melting and safest operating crack sealer in its class. For masting patching the machine an innovative patent-pending design to provide contractors and government agencies the flexibility to perform both functions with minimal impact on traffic flow.

Mastic Mixer on work


The effect of adverse weather on the road is a major problem that deserves increased attention and organized efforts to reduce its impact. Choosing the right machine, therefore, becomes even more important.

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