Construction equipment’s care in monsoon season

Construction equipment's

Construction equipment’s need special care during the monsoons. Working under the rain is already inconvenient. Thus, you want to take measures to at least reduce the amount of water entering the job site and potentially damaging your construction equipment.  Therefore planning and precaution is very important.

Given below are a few tips you can take care of the construction equipment conveniently during the rainy season.

Inspection of roadbeds condition

As soil becomes waterlogged and the ground is particularly slippery after rain special attention must be paid to road conditions when using your equipment. Take notice of surrounding environment. Always keep an eye out to avoid getting too close to the edge of cliffs and ditches, which can easily cause the machine to fall or tip over if the ground is soft. When working with diggers or crane machinery, check whether the ground of the construction site is soft so as to avoid the machines sinking and getting stuck.

Estimation of project area

Observation is quite pivotal for equipment maintenance, especially if it is a rough or mountainous site. If you are carrying out construction work in a mountainous area, be sure to observe the environment carefully before a rainstorm arrives.  Take into consideration factors such as discarded soil or residue, quarrying and so on Experienced operators can often judge from these details whether there is a possibility of a landslide, collapse, or debris flow, and take early precautionary measures for the protection of the equipment.

Skid Resistance

One of the biggest disadvantages of rainy season is it gets skidder due to wet surface. Use of anti skid chains could easily provide much needed safety to your construction equipment. Necessary measurements with the tire size is necessary for this process. Once installed with anti skid chains , speed should be maintained, if not it could wear and tear.

Parking space with basic requirements

In rainy season maintain the dryness is a necessity, especially where the construction equipment is kept.Park machines in a dry garage and avoid parking in a wet environment as much as possible.For machines stored inside, rust prevention work should be carried out, and machines parked for a long period of time should be started and driven once a month. Tarps also make a good cover for construction equipment and supplies. Choose high-quality tarps with grommets for easy set-up and installation.

Cleaning the equipment

Cleaning is very very very pivotal. Attention to clean the dirt off the machine, and maintain proper lubrication so as to prevent corrosion. Take extra care to prevent rain from contaminating the lubricating oil and fuel oil of your equipment.


A thorough examination and maintenance it very important, carry out repairs, replace easily damaged parts, clean the radiator surface, and lubricate all lubricating points, etc. Pay attention to the specifics to avoid damage and blockage caused by the deterioration of the filter element as a result of rainwater.