Concrete screeding of large areas in a lesser time


Traditional floor construction usually adopts manual formwork and vibrators for concrete levelling, the manually screeded floor often has defects of uneven compactness, poor flatness and low work efficiency and so on. The laser control system can monitor the height of the floor by laser feedback adjusting. This ensures a minimum level of flatness and levelness of the floor.

Laser-Guided Concrete Screed machines can screed large areas with fewer joints in less time compared to traditional screeding methods. Laser-Guided Concrete Screed machines are laser-precise and mechanically powerful. This helps to get more floors placed daily and production schedules are satisfied or shortened. Fast track production, high quality and cost-effectiveness are all direct benefits of Laser-Guided Concrete Screed machines. If you are looking for good screeding capability and high output then Surie Polex’s Laser-Guided concrete screed (Walk Behind) is the perfect choice for you. With a compact size and lightweight, it can not only move faster and more efficiently on complex work.

The advantages of Surie Polex high performance laser-guided concrete screed (Walk Behind)

The walk-behind machine is ideal for finishing small to mid-sized commercial or warehouse floors. The machine equipped with a new generation of the laser system and the ground levelling can reach the laser screed accuracy. In addition to being nearly effortless to operate, they give concrete surfaces a smooth, hard, durable finish. The Laser-Guided concrete screed (Walk Behind) can satisfy the construction requirements of a large area with good flatness and good levelness. The product model focused here is Laser Guided Concrete Screed SPLS-23B.

Discussed below are some of its features-

  • The machine has manual and automatic modes
  • Optimal balance for smoother finishing
  • Comes with two types of tyres
  • The driving system is hydraulic
  • Comes with self-levelling screed system
  • This machine has a strong vibrator
  • It has a microcomputer laser scan feature
  • The weight of the machine is 400 kg
  • Its engine power is 13.0HP/3600rpm
  • Relatively easier to operate the equipment
  • The width of the screed head is 2500mm
  • The working speed of the machine is 5m/min
  • Its tank size is 6.5 L
  • Fit more easily through doorways and work around obstacles
  • Better suited for small to medium floors requiring greater speed and efficiency
  • Height-adjustable handles