BWSSB to revamp water pumping infrastructure

With this, efficiency of stations expected to go up by a minimum of 8%

BWSSB- Constrofacilitator

BWSSB is planning to upgrade facilities at its three pumping stations to boost the pumping infrastructure of the city. This is expected to increase pumping efficiency of the stations by a minimum of 8%.

Officials said the water board was planning to revamp infrastructure at Thoraikadanahalli (T.K. Halli), Harohalli, and Tataguni pumping stations in about six months.

The Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board (BWSSB) recently invited bids for the ‘design/engineering, construction, commissioning of pump station’ at T.K. Halli, Harohalli, and Tataguni.

A senior BWSSB official said that an upgrade of infrastructure is in the pipeline. The infrastructure was installed in the 1970s and 1980s and its lifetime is around 25 years. BWSSB will still have to do a technical evaluation and other processes, and in about six months, it may take up the upgrade.

T.G. Halli reservoir

In addition, the BWSSB has also started “rehabilitation” work of the Thippagondanahalli (T.G. Halli) reservoir. The Rs 284-crores project will see a complete overhaul, including new water treatment plants, as well as account for expansion plans for water supply in the city.

The official said that the major components such as the water treatment plant will be dismantled and redone. BWSSB will also take into account new work, such as the Yettinahole project, which aims to bring more water to the city. As per estimates, by 2023, 775MLD of water will be brought into the city in addition to the present 1,450 MLD.

According to the BWSSB, Chamaraja Sagar was constructed near T.G. Halli in 1933 across the Arkavati when Bengaluru’s water supply fell short of demand and it augmented the then supply by 28 MLD.

The BWSSB’s upgrade plans fall in line with the Cauvery Stage V scheme, which includes water treatment plant at T.K. Halli for minimum 500 MLD output and clear water pumping stations with mechanical and electrical works at three locations (T.K. Halli, Harohalli, and Tataguni), among others. With the Cauvery Stage V scheme, 110 villages in the city that are yet to get water supply from the BWSSB are expected to benefit.

Source: The Hindu