Build Your Dream Bungalow as per Vastu


Vastu is made of Sanskrit word Vaas & is known to be an ancient building architecture invented by Rishi Vrahmihir & Rishi Vishwakarma around 5000 years ago which provides a positively energized living environment. As per Vastu Shastra mythology, it is considered that every house has its master deity who protects its residents from all odds. This deity is called Vastu Dev who keeps his head in north-east & feet in the southwest. His left hand is in the southeast & right hand in the northwest. Therefore, it is considered that a house made through Vastu Shastra panchtatva principals, gives enormous success, fame and wealth to its residents through its energized foundation built-up structure. It should be remembered that there are some forces which act around our earth continuously & influence our body and brain & if we construct our buildings against such forces, it can give us a lot of tensions and illness like migraine, headaches, depression etc. which have no medicine available in the world.

One should remember that life is governed by emotions, desires & intelligence. Therefore, where we live, that place influences our inner-self, our actions & our souls. Therefore, there is a need to energize that place, positively by using various means like the establishment of pyramids in the foundation of new house & mixing of energy materials in plot soil & by placing various types of Vastu crios & Vastu Purush idol & performing of exclusive Vastu pujas before & after the building structure. 

This should be remembered that every person needs peace when he returns home & if by spending multi-millions of rupees he doesn’t live peacefully in that building, what is the fun to spend so much of money. Therefore, every person who constructs new buildings keeps extra care while constructing beautiful homes & other types of commercial buildings to get rid of unwanted tensions in the future. 

Therefore, according to Vastu, there are some principles & according to that, we have to take care of all directions, water & soil strength & the fertility power of a plot before deciding to make a building. We also have to choose a plot which keeps all directions open & free from unwanted noise and pollution. But, by taking consideration of high costing of residential plots, it becomes very tough to build 100% Vastu compliance building & if we make a 60-70% Vastu compliance structure by taking into consideration of Vastu principles & local government norms, it is still considered a good residential & commercial building.

Vastu adjustment for your bungalow | Image Source- Muppa Projects

Then, how to build a perfect Vastu friendly building?

  1. First, choose a perfect piece of the plot with the help & guidance of a Vaastu expert.
  2. Energizes it with the help of pyramids & other materials after making Shalya shodhan vidhi of a plot.
  3. Make a perfect building map by taking consideration of local government by-laws and Vastu principles.
  4. Make a perfect soil, water test and check the fertility power of the plot.
  5. Fix the pyramids in perfect numbers & directions to make the plot fully energetic.
  6. By placing Vastu purush idols and other materials in the foundation.
  7. By finalizing the starting point & timing of construction.
  8. By making consideration to give a perfect place to all the outer walls of the bungalow, its main door, building inside doors, windows of home & fixing its height & size according to Vastu.
  9. While making maps of home, we have to give special consideration to fix the place for all bedrooms of home, its drawing & dining room, lobby, bathrooms, Pooja room, Music & Theater room & Sports room, servant room, guard room, parking for vehicles, electricity board & other electric connections, swimming pool, children study room especially growing marriageable daughters rooms,
  10. We also have to take care of all sanitation & its perfect direction. 
  11. We must also place all overhead and underground water tanks as per Vastu.
  12. We must select the outer and interior colors of all residential and commercial buildings as per Vastu by taking care of all the members of family needs.
  13. We should give special care to make all the furniture of the home through Vastu.
  14. We should choose a perfect place for water bodies & swimming pools in the home/commercial place as per Vastu.
  15. We should keep a special place for park & kitchen gardens as per Vastu etc.

Concluding that by adopting Vastu, we can make our life easier & full of peace.

(In the next editions, we will talk about how to build a Vastu compliance Mountainside bungalow, Village Huts, Farmhouse bungalows, Resorts, Palaces, Govt. residential houses, Societies Flats, Govt. Administrative Buildings, Hospitals, Malls & Cinema Halls, Hotels & Restaurants, Tourist Resorts, Schools, Colleges, Universities & Coaching Centers, Vidhan Sabha building/Parliament Houses, MLAs/MPs Flats, Shops & Showrooms, Stadiums & Swimming Ponds & Club Houses, Film Studios, Worship Homes like Temples, Gurudwaras, Church, Children Parks, Gyms, Factories, Marriage Pandals/ Laavan-Phere Pandals & Honeymoon Suits.)

Dr. Deepak Uppal, an astrologer

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