An Option for Shipping Construction Equipment Across the Country

Some auto transport companies have capacity to ship heavy equipment. Here’s how to make sure the job gets done properly

Shipping Construction Equipment

There are actually several ways a shipping company can move your construction equipment. You will likely be given a couple of options when you call, so consider your preferences and needs before calling.

If you are shipping within the continental United States, you will have the cheaper and more efficient option of shipping on a truck. If your shipment is overseas, you will have no option but to ship on a plane or boat.

For our sake, lets assume that you are shipping within the United States and you choose to do so over the road. The most common of these trucks is a lowboy trailer. The higher deck of conventional flatbed trailers can carry loads of much lower vertical height.

Hydraulic or sliding-axle trailers can offer lower ramp angles for loading and unloading equipment with limited ground clearance or grade-climbing ability, such as pavers or rollers. If you’re shipping machines with loading limitations, make sure you discuss it with the shipping experts at the company that you choose.

In certain situations, such as when transporting smaller construction equipment or tools, you might also consider the use of a 6×12 enclosed trailer. These trailers provide additional protection from the elements and potential road debris, ensuring the safe and secure transport of more compact items.

Prepare for your shipment

Preparing for the shipment will likely be the most time-consuming part of the process. Although it will not take that much time; likely an hour or two.

Clean the equipment. This is so that your transport driver can inspect for pre-existing damage as quickly as possible when they arrive to pick up the equipment. More importantly, you will be able to easily see if any damage occurs during transport if your equipment is not covered in dirt.

Remove any personal items from the cab of the vehicle, like gloves, sunglasses, etc., because if they get lost or damaged during transport, they will not be covered by insurance.

Latch and/or lock up anything like doors or compartments, so it won’t fly open during transport and possibly get damaged. 

If the construction equipment that you are shipping has a smokestack, consider covering it. This is so that you can prevent anything from getting inside and possibly damage the equipment.

When you’re ready for shipment, be sure to ask your shipping representative questions about anything you’re unsure about. They will let you know of any specific requirements.