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Strengthening of 4 Nos. in Roads in Morappur Block


Basic Details 
Organisation ChainSE- (RD),TN||Dharmapuri,RD,TN
Tender Reference NumberRoc.No.1111/2020/R9, Dt.28.08.2020 14th Addl P93
Tender ID2020_RDTN_178229_1
Tender TypeOpen Tender
EMD Amount in ₹37,000
Work Item Details 
TitleDharmapuri District – Upgradation / Strengthening of 4 Nos. in Roads in Pacakge No.TN 04 – 93/ 14th Fin Addl 2019-2020 Morappur Block P93
Tender Value in ₹36,49,000
Contract TypeRate Contract
LocationDRDA, Dharmapuri
Product CategoryCivil Works – Roads
Bid Validity(Days)90
Sub categoryRoads 
Period Of Work(Days)120 
Critical Dates 
Published Date9/4/2020 16:00
Document Download / Sale Start Date9/4/2020 16:00
Clarification Start DateNA
Bid Submission Start Date9/7/2020 11:30
Bid Opening Date9/16/2020 16:00
Document Download / Sale End Date9/15/2020 15:00
Clarification End DateNA
Bid Submission End Date9/15/2020 15:00
Tender Inviting Authority 
NameThe Project Director, DRDA
AddressDRDA, Dharmapuri

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