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Self Loading Concrete Mixer Models and their Applications

Self Loading Concrete Mixers are powerful concrete mixers reducing labour and time by manifold on construction sites. They produce concrete in batches, which saves wastage of concrete on a large scale, thus saving a considerable amount of construction cost. The rapid urbanisation and growth in construction activity are expected to fuel the demand for self-loading concrete mixers. This coupled with the development of smart cities across is providing impetus to the concrete mixer market. The self-loading concrete mixers in India is seeing demand amid the government’s push for infra projects including rural & agri infra development.

There are various benefits of self-loading concrete mixers to the construction industry due to their portability, an easy drive of concrete to the site and concrete being easily available whenever needed.  They are widely used in all the above sectors and considering the thrust given by the Govts. across the country, the demand for SLCMs will sustain in the years to come and the industry will witness more technological advancement in the machine. Manufacturers are embracing digital transformation and constantly reinventing in evaluating the opportunities and technological modifications. The newer model also comes fitted with the latest CEV Stage 4 Engine adhering to the latest emission norms. Discussed below are different types of self-loading concrete mixer features being adopted in the Indian market.

Self-Loading Concrete Mixers with Controller System

This latest machine is capable of self-loading aggregates, weight batch, mix, transporting & delivering concrete within site. The Drum plays a vital role in the quality of the concrete as the mixing process happens inside the drum. The Dual helix spiral design blades with optimal width provide homogenous concrete mix & faster discharge of concrete. Also optimised blade width reduces the friction of the blades with the concrete, thereby reducing the overall maintenance cost. The drum lift feature ensures the faster discharge of concrete and reduces the cycle time which enhances thereby increasing the productivity & life of the machine. It comes attached with Electronic Drum Control System for saving fuel and better homogeneity of Concrete, with an increased output quality and better ROI; an Auto-Cleansing system with high-end technology; Bi-directional tyres with puncture-proof solution; and a fleet-tracking and monitoring system through telematics. The smart Concrete Batch Controller (CBC) fitted in this machine ensures the right quantity of materials are fed into the drum by the operator and hence homogeneous concrete is assured. The machine can be used for Roads, Bridges, Railways, Airport Infrastructure, Power Transmission projects, Renewables Energy projects etc. These machines are available in different capacities ranging from 3m³/hr. to 14m³/hr. concrete output based on site conditions. 

Ajax Agro 4800 Self Loading Concrete Mixer

Self-Loading Concrete Mixers with Hydrostatic Transmission and Drum Rotation

The latest concrete mixer has a capacity of 6100 litres with a mix yield of 4.5 m3, The mixers consist of double mixing screw and a drum with hydraulic motor rotation and planetary gearbox produces a homogeneous and compact mix. The hydraulic system of the mixers comprises three independent circuits. Two variable outlet pumps for hydrostatic transmission and drum rotation. It has a three-way steering system with a swivelable driver post with 180° for complete visibility during driving as well as complete visibility for loading side during weighing and batching, mixing and discharge operations. The mixer is equipped with an electronic weighing system complete with a printer to issue a mix certificate on the spot. Thus, any concrete mix can be checked and replicated directly on site. It has a large closed cab featuring a ROPS FOPS structure, and control and block valve.

Apollo Carmix Self Loading Mixers 45FX

Self-Loading Concrete Mixers with Designed Blades for better mixing & faster discharge

The spiral design blades with optimal width provide concrete mix and faster discharge of concrete. The helix design can quickly discharge even zero slump concrete with the minimal residual matter in the drum. The use of special abrasion-resistant steel and edge protection on the blades gives the machine a longer life. The optimised blade width reduces the friction of the blades with the concrete, thereby reducing the overall maintenance cost. It also comes with a powered shovel gate for spillage-free charging. There are different modes of steering which enable the machine to work in different types of spaces. 

Kyb Conmat Self Loading Mixers CSLM 4000

Self-Loading Concrete Mixers with Telematics for precision Batch output

Latest self-loading mixers cater to higher output requirements of Concrete batching, Mixing and Placing in the urban development Segment. It is fitted with the latest CEV Stage 4 Engine excellent fuel savings while adhering to the latest emission norms. The machine is also suited for tough terrain conditions and a boon for Contractors who have taken up smaller projects, where optimized equipment investment is important. Its features include – telematics ensuring precision in batch output, less mixing time improving the overall output, innovative Drum Design ensuring less wear and less maintenance, and ergonomically designed structure provides safety to man and machine. Drums are made of high wear-resistant steel with protection as a standard, which greatly reduces wear at the edges of the spiral and reduces shear stress. We use a loading bucket designed to not only load the material but also accurately weigh it before dosing, using hydraulic pressure transducers.

Schwing Stetter Self Loading Mixers SLM 4600


Discussed above are different advanced features of self loading concrete mixers used in the Indian market. Self-loading concrete mixers can weigh & load aggregates, cement & water; mix and transport concrete within the site. Rapid industrialization in India has led to a surge in demand for self-loading concrete mixtures. The growing number of skyscrapers, airports, buildings, malls and other infrastructures requires these types of machines which are easy to use and make the process faster especially these larger projects. The mixer is being used in roads, Bridges, Railways, Airport Infrastructure, Power Transmission projects, Renewables Energy projects etc.

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