RAMCO is launching a new premium blended cement – RAMCO SUPERCRETE

Ramco Cements
Left to Right: Mr. Balaji K Moorthy, Exe. President ( Marketing) Mr A V Dharmakrishnan, CEO Mr. P R Venketrama Raja, Chairman and Managing Director

Ramco Cements Limited, established in 1962, has been the pioneers in technology as well as marketing initiatives in the cement industry. The management has never fought shy in investing in modern machinery or latest technology in order to keep the costs down and to bring complete customer satisfaction. Even in 1977, when the country was hesitating to usher in the dry kiln process, Ramco unhesitatingly brought in the biggest dry kiln at that time. Ramco were the pioneers in bringing in surface miner, vertical roller mill, latest clinker cooling technology,etc. Again, Ramco was the first in the cement industry to introduce ESP for environment protection even in the 70s.

Ramco was the first to establish the first ever RMC and dry mix plants in TAMILNADU. In 1998, when 80% of the country’s cement consumption was OPC cement because of its quick setting properties, RAMCO launched RAMCO SUPERGRADE cement and RAMCO SUPERSTEEL cement – both blended Cements – and marketed it as a blended cement which was not only more durable but also environment friendly and that captured the interest and imagination of the consumers. In fact, RAMCO SUPERGRADE became a trendsetter and the entire country shifted emphasis from OPC to blended Cements. RAMCO Supergrade went on to bag the “GREEN PRO” Certification by CII as Green Cement and ourAlathiyur factory received the Four Leaves Award from the Ministry of Environment and Science – the only cement factory ever to win such an award.

RAMCO has always kept consumers interest upper most in our mind. We established a most modern RAMCO Research and Development Center in chennai – an independent state of the art research center- not only to continuously monitor independently the quality of cement produced by our own plants but also to carry out tests for customers. Our research centeris continuously engaged in research and in development of specialised cement for specific applications for specific market segments. Our research center is also fully equipped to carry out most advanced studies on the durability of concrete.

RAMCO Strongly believes that every market segment requires specialised cement for specific application. For example, while BIS classifies cement broadly as PPC (Portland Pozzolona Cement), PSC ( Portland Slag cement) and OPC 53 grade, 43 grade and 33 grade etc, in Ramco we believe in further fine tuning the products within the BIS norms to suit specific consumer palettes. For example, though RAMCO SUPERFAST is an OPC53 grade cement, it’s specific application is in Hollow block segment. And therefore, the product is further fine tuned to meet the Hollow Block manufacturers requirement. Similarly, while RAMCO Supergrade can be used for both concrete and plaster, RAMCO has developed RAMCO Superplaster specifically for plastering purposes. Ramco today is proud to offer almost 12 different brands of cement to the consumers apart from offering a variety of brands from the dry mix plant.

Today’s consumers are far more knowledgeable and clearly aware of their requirements. They are looking for products whose performance meets their requirements. Therefore, Ramco’s policy of segmenting the market and focusing on RIGHT PRODUCT FOR RIGHT APPLICATION will surely give rich dividends.

“RAMCO is now launching a new premium blended cement – RAMCO SUPERCRETE. This break-through cement provides an excellent alternative for 53 grade as it not only provides excellent strength but excellent durability too. Unlike other high strength cement, RAMCO Supercrete has been engineered to be a crack resistant cement with excellent workability. Being a blended cement, it is an environment friendly cement too” saidShri. P.R.Venketrama Raja, Chairman& Managing Director.

Ramco Supercrete is packed in very attractive BOPP bags that ensures no spillage and therefore ensures a clean environment. RAMCO Supercrete will clearly address the requirements of the premium segment in the market.

RAMCO has invested Rs3500 crores in various expansions which are under way. Our new capacity in West Bengal is already on stream. Our Odisha plant is expected to be commissioned by Oct, 2019, our vizag plant expansion by Dec 2019, Jayanthipuram expansion by July 2020 and Kurnool by Mar 2021.

Ramco is fully geared up to meet the expectation of BUILDING OUR NATION.