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OTP-based property registrations soon in Karnataka

The Department of Stamps and Registration is geared up to roll out the new system based on one time password (OTP) across Karnataka in about two weeks.

Karnataka has added two more layers of security in property registrations to lift the integrity of property transactions. This initative is probably the first by a state government, officials said.

The Department of Stamps and Registration is geared up to roll out the new system based on one time password (OTP) across Karnataka in about two weeks. The department, which only recently unearthed a series of tampering with the property data on its software system, hopes the new OTP system will prevent any attempts at impersonation and forgery of documents.

The first layer of security involves seller uploading the scanned property documents including khata certificate, tax receipt and the RTC, where applicable, on the website ahead of registration of transfer of property ownership. Once launched, both buyer and seller in a transaction will receive one-time password (OTP) to authenticate the registration of the deed.

The system was introduced on a pilot basis in Shivamogga, the home district of chief minister BS Yediyurappa, about two weeks ago. “Our experience has been positive. We plan to introduce it in two more districts before launching it full-fledged across the state,” inspector general of registration KV Thrilok Chandra told ET.

The two features, officials believe, will act as a solid proof in the event of any attempts at impersonation or forgery of land documents. The Kaveri software presently takes only the photo, thumb impressions and identity proof of the buyer and the seller of a particular property. The uploading of documents and OTP will further enhance the security features.

Karnataka records about 10,000 property registrations every day, with Bengaluru making up about 70% of the total registrations.

The upgraded system is expected to be of use, especially in urban areas where complaints of impersonation and forging property documents are high. “As the property documents including RTC, khata certificate and property taxes paid to the BBMP are all available on the website, we have seen several cases of people faking up ownership by creating duplicate identity cards. Since the deal is between the buyer and seller, we do not verify the credentials unless someone complaints,” a sub-registrar in Bengaluru

He, however, said they would like to see how the new system will play out, and to what extent, it will be able to keep fraudsters under leash.


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