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Imported road sweeper from Italy but awaits RTO nod

South India's first multipurpose road sweeper imported from Italy has been waiting to get RTO's nod before it can be used to clean the city.

South India’s first multipurpose road sweeper imported from Italy has been waiting to get RTO’s nod before it can be used to clean the city. 

In a bid to keep the heritage city sparkling clean, the newly launched organisation – Namma Mysore Foundation, had imported a multipurpose cleaning vehicle Macro M 60, manufactured in Italy months ago, but the vehicle has been deprived of serving its purpose since the organisation is waiting to get registered by the city RTO office. 

According to the trustees of the foundation, the RTO has raised a query about its temporary registration number. However, the foundation claims that the machine had been brought to Mysuru through a container, so it would not have a TR number. 

The multipurpose cleaning machine cost Rs 2 crores and it is one of a kind in South India. The first city to receive such a machine to clean the streets was Bhopal. Mysuru, the third cleanest city, has received Macro M 60, but it is kept unused due to registration issues, said a source. 

In order to follow the cleanliness model adopted in Bhopal, Namma Mysore Foundation got the city its first sweeper machine. Macro M 60 is capable of travelling six kilometres within a span of eight hours cleaning. The vehicle can hold up to six tonnes of waste, spill free. The M 60 works on censors and has a driver from Chennai. 

The multipurpose vehicle can sweep and wash the roads at the same time. The vehicle has brushes in its front and on both sides as well. Since it is equipped with vacuum tube of 6ft length, it can suck even tiny dust particles from the streets. 

The Macro M 60 was brought to Chennai first in a in a cargo ship and later to Mysuru through a container. After its arrival, a demo test was conducted a month ago at the KR Circle. The Mysuru City Corporation authorities, headed by MCC commissioner Shilpa Nag, had inspected its functioning. 

According to N Mallesh, one of the trustees of the foundation, the purpose behind getting Macro M 60 from Italy was to get back the Cleanest City tag. The vehicle will reduce the burden on pourakarmikas, besides making Mysuru, a dust-free city. The cleaning machine can be operated on major roads of the city, it can also lift construction debris like stones and bricks.

Mallesh also added that the foundation has requested the RTO to get the vehicle registered the way Bhopal RTO did.

RTO West division M Prabhuswamy, however, said that the vehicle lacks Trade Certificate, because of which the Macro M 60 is not being registered. He also added that at least, there is requirement of temporary registration, without which the machine can’t get its registration.


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