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GDCR norms error stalls 100 bungalows- Ahmedabad

GDCR norms error have now stalled over 100 bungalows in Ahmedabad.

For the past 10 months, several developers and bungalow owners in the city have been finding it difficult to get their project plans approved. The reason: A goof-up in General Development Control Regulation (GDCR) norms uploaded in the online system by the state government.

Construction of over 100 bungalow units in and around Ahmedabad city has been stalled since November last after building plans of these structures were disapproved as per the GDCR norms to keep margin for Open to Sky (OTS) space in the bungalow units.

In the GDCR norms, OTS space has been erroneously made mandatory for all the properties, including those that fall under the TP schemes. The goof-up has prevented property owners and developers in TP schemes, which are not required to provide OTS space in the structure, from getting their plans approved.

Since November 2018, developers and property owners have been running from one place to another to get their plans approved, but without success. As per the GDCR norms, the developers and owners must construct an OTS space in the bungalows in Gaamtal and walled city for proper ventilation.

The law was introduced as properties in rural and walled city share common walls and they are built in a congested environment, leaving little room for ventilation. However, in Town Planning (TP) schemes, there is no such provision as the structure gets adequate space with surrounding three sides of the property providing enough ventilation.

After the procedure to apply for approval of the plan was made online in May 2018, many applicants faced problems due to a glitch in the software. Taking cognisance of the situation, the authorities had moved it to the offline, manual process of approving the plans for bungalows until they re-introduced the online procedure in November last. Since then, the approval of structures measuring up to 15 metre is made online, whereas structures higher than 15 metre have to be approved offline.

However, the online system requires bungalows to have an OTS space even in town planning schemes, rendering them disqualified. Taking cognisance of the glitch, the builders association, Gujarat Institute of Housing and Estate Developers – Confederation of Real Estate Developers’ Association of India (GIHED-CREDAI), approached the authorities seven months ago to take stock of the situation.

Since the issue has been persisting for long and it has been affecting both individuals and builders, the builder community had also made representation to the government but a solution has eluded them.

GIHED-CREDAI president Ajay Patel exclaimed that, “There are some problems in the GDCR due to which a few developers and individuals are facing issues. Our association had made a written representation to the chief town planner in Gandhinagar earlier in March. In our meeting held in August, we had raised the issue again and we were given a surety that changes will be made in GDCR and the issue will be resolved.” Patel added that the problem is more prevalent in nagarpalikas and regions managed by urban development authorities (like Bopal, Ghuma, Shela and Manipur

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