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ENGINEERING COMFORT assisted with CLIMATE CONTROL is the key feature for any project

Sinicon, established in 1994, has been contributing its share of knowledge in improving the living quality of people by way of providing them with superior quality products made on the latest technology platform. The company has since diversified to different business verticals maintaining its philosophy of providing the best of its class products to the customers.

GreenPro Award – IGBC- Received India’s first GreenPro award for a Heatproofing Plastering Aggregate (Sinicon PP) from the Indian Green Building Council at Green Building Congress at Hyderabad on 1st  November 2018.

Sinicon has always been passionate about innovation and excelled in integrating the innovative spirit of the application and engineering team that enabled the company to produce some of the world class products. Sinicon products are manufactured under strict quality control and assurance systems and the processes are controlled through ISO 9001-2015 standards apart from implementing in-house quality schemes and TQM practices.

Mr. V. Revindran, Director,  Sinicon Controls (P) Limited

The uniqueness of Sinicon PP Heat Proofing Plaster Aggregate

Sinicon PP is made out of a unique volcanic glass, a large deposit of which is found at only one location on the earth which is South Africa. Sinicon PP is made using a feed from these mines using patented manufacturing process to convert it into well-sealed tough glass granules which are ideally suited for use with cementitious and other binders. The Sinicon PP granule structure is that each tough granule comprises a froth of glass-walled closed cells each enclosing a near vacuum. Sinicon PP is, therefore, best described as comprising millions of tiny sealed “thermos flasks”, making it absolutely unique and unrivalled insulation and fireproofing material. In the construction industry, Sinicon PP is used as Heat Proofing Plaster Aggregate and it can replace sand in plastering. Once the plastering is done using Sinicon PP and Cement instead of Sand and Cement the building get heat and fire proofing property. Therefore, the building interior will become cool during summer and warm during extreme winter. The use of air conditioner and heater can be substantially reduced if not avoided.

Retrofitted with SINICON PP

The Market Segment

The market potential  and the new trend

There is a very good market for Sinicon PP in India, Saarc and Middle eastern countries. Retrofitting of existing buildings using Sinicon PP heat proofing plaster/screed to address the heat/cold issue to help them improve their interior climate quality, comfort is a huge market. A major need for this is not just to meet the comfort level but people want to avoid use of air conditioners/heaters which are generally unhealthy for inhabitants. Secondly, Sinicon PP being a certified green product by GRIHA as well as IGBC, it is being incorporated in the buildings designed and constructed in accordance with the green building guidelines for obtaining green certifications. However, the buildings designed and already constructed in the conventional methods but redesigning and integrating materials that would give comfort and operational benefits and also intend to go for green certification is another market for us. Apart from these markets there are many industrial and commercial applications where Sinicon PP deliver extremely good result. 

There are different types of products and methods for heat proofing of the building practiced in the construction industry.  The traditional brick bat coba is not giving way to new methods. For roof application UV Reflective Coatings and SRI tiles are popular however it is not so effective when the dust and dirt accumulate on the surface. Moreover, the reflective coatings are having a limited life of functional efficiency. Other methods like vermiculite and perlite based lightweight material had come to the market as special application with much fanfare but disappeared due to its failure in addressing the challenge. In projects, XPS is being used widely; however, there is a school of thought that it is not a green material. XPS is not a masonry material either and is accommodated to meet the heat proofing need of building. The maintenance required after few years of XPS installation due to poor implementation is a huge cause of worry. However, Sinicon PP provides a versatility in terms of its application and life as it is a sand replacement in the screed and plaster application and is a 100% masonry material. Sinicon PP can be applied like a normal plaster and it is not a special application. A skilled mason who does the general plastering work can do Sinicon PP Plastering. This has been appreciated by the contractors who are engaged in screeding and plastering work.

After finishing

The current project  products & Services

There are many projects of all sorts; residential villas, apartments, commercial and industrial buildings. Since Sinicon PP is a versatile product it is being used in different applications. Though mostly it is being used for the roof, ceiling and wall plastering of all types of buildings there are many other applications such as fireproofing, flooring, building up of floors, fire rated walls, architectural application etc. From the residential project’s perspective apart from apartment projects, Sinicon PP has been widely used in heat proofing plastering of villas of different sizes varying from an area of more than 25000+ sq. ft to 500sq.ft. Aiding protection to the structural reinforcement system used on reinforced concrete, brickwork, steel and timber is another area of application where the product is being consumed.

The cost of Sinicon PP application can be recovered in a short period of time. Our study shows that in most cases the ROI is instant if not within months depending upon the nature of the project and the use of heating and cooling infrastructure. There can be a substantial amount of capital saving by way of reducing the HVAC capacity, associated electrical cabling, and distribution equipment rating, reduced capacity of the backup power system and moreover the total connected load of the building.

Climate Control

The general perception is that if the sustainability measures are incorporated in the project especially in the non-green certified projects, the cost of the project will go up. At many times the full study of the benefits is not conducted, and builders presume that it is an expensive affair. At the current level of the construction activities happening in our country, exploitation of the natural resources needs to be regulated and the government must encourage all projects irrespective of its size to adopt sustainable solutions. All government projects must be complying with green ratings of respective standards. The new township must be designed with due consideration of the environmental impact and must ensure that only sustainable material is used in these projects.

Sinicon PP is a product for the masses irrespective of the size of the project and it addresses the formal and informal segments in the construction industry due to its ease of application and affordability.

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