Critical safety aspects are specific & mandatory for India

Anti Collision System

With pleasure, would like to inform you that, we do supply EEE-Hitech Anti Collision System(ACD) for tower cranes. We are the  exclusive India agent for Hitech Tower Crane Safety Systems. with our refined efforts for be it practical Indian site problems or statutory guide lines, EEE-Hitech have produced specific software for India market. We use microprocessor based system, which does not face any hard ware or software problem due to frequent ON/OFF. We also supply UPS with each system for controlled voltage. Our ACD are combined with SLI (with additional sensors like load cell, anemometer…etc).

We notice , some trading houses source ACDs from some Chinese OEMs and do sell in India. But some critical safety aspects are specific  & mandatory for India, and those aspects are not available to those trading houses or any OEMs.

Please take care the above points while purchasing any anti collision system for tower cranes.