BBMP plans to use methane gas from Bellahalli quarry

Around 5,000 households will be benefitted with the gas produced in the quarry


Bengaluru: BBMP is planning to tap methane gas from Bellahalli quarry pit as it is bursting at its seams with nearly 18 lakh tonnes of mixed waste from Bengaluru, bottle it and supply the fuel to nearby communities free of cost.

It’s an ambitious proposal given the size of the quarry, which is spread over 26 acres, but the civic body is optimistic. Senior officials said that, according to initial estimates, the quarry pit will generate enough gas for supply to around 5,000 households.

An official said that the situation is a win-win situation. While the communities will get gas that can be used for cooking purposes free of cost, the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) is also benefiting, as it will be preventing green house gas emission.

Bellahalli already has a leachate treatment plant of 1.2 lakh litre capacity, which treats around 80,000 litres a day. The leachate treatment is done in five stages using state-of-the-art technology, said officials. The treated water is used in BBMP parks and let into stormwater drains. With the sludge that remains after the five-stage filtration process, the civic body is generating methane using bio-digesters.

Another official stated that BBMP uses the methane gas generated from the sludge to prepare food and beverages at the site for workers.

Now, there are plans to tap methane from the quarry pit itself.

BBMP’s Joint Commissioner (Solid Waste Management) Sarfaraz Khan said that the SWM Technical Guidance Committee has suggested that methane generated at the site be supplied to communities who reside in the area. The locals in this area have always stood by the BBMP all these years when the mixed waste was being dumped. According to the BBMP estimate, it will be able to tap the methane gas for at least six years. He added that most landfill sites in a few other cities were flaring the gas that is generated while a few smaller sites were tapping it. A unit in Goa is generating around 7MW of power just from the sludge.

Mr. Khan also suggested that methane gas can also be used as fuel for compactors that transport waste from the city to the various processing units and deduct the cost from the bills. BBMP had been told that even GAIL is ready to purchase the methane gas tapped from landfills and quarry pits.

The civic body will consult the Department of Fire and Emergency Services before tapping the gas, bottling and supplying it.

Source: The Hindu

Image Source: Deccan Herald