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Advantages and applications of modular formwork

Modular formwork systems are designed with standardized panels and component items to reduce or limit the need for cutting material on site. This speeds up the overall process and therefore requires less labour on site. They are also interchangeable with conventional methods. Modular Formwork Systems are generally easy to assemble and much faster than conventional Formwork, saving time, allowing you to pour sooner. The system saves contractors by reducing the costs associated with conventional purchases. This eliminates the need to recover purchase costs by reusing or reselling materials once the job is complete. The modular formwork system is designed with standardized panels and components to reduce or limit cutting materials on site. This speeds up the entire process and therefore reduces on-site labour. They can also be interchanged with conventional methods. Commercial, civil, and industrial contractors can replace the traditional methods of cast-in-place concrete engineering by using modular formwork systems and quickly achieve one-time casting, thereby minimizing the financial expenditure of labour and materials.

Modular formwork systems

Advantages of modular formwork;

Its advantages includes;

  • Fast assembly when compared to conventional formwork
  • Less complications and “surprises” on site,
  • Hire costs were significantly less than the upfront purchases for conventional formwork components,
  • Re assurance knowing that the hired equipment had been serviced and tested prior to use
  • Designed for hand-set applications as well as crane dependant large-size formwork
  • Flat steel frame for guaranteed sturdiness and a long product life cycle
  • Versatile, flexible and unique
  • Self-alignment – Précised dimensions
  • Quick adaptability
  • User friendly – easy erection and dismantling
  • Smooth finish – plastering can be avoided
Modular formwork panels used at site
Modular formwork panels used at site

Modular formwork applications

The system is used wherever the concrete pouring is done. The benefit is that only one system is used in the overall project. The system is also used in many infrastructure projects like power projects for track hoppers, RCC walls, irrigation projects for canal drains, box culverts, water treatment plants and reservoirs.


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